5-year-old who showed support for slain Baton Rouge cop gets to be ‘cop for a day’ (VIDEO)

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A 5-year-old boy who showed support for a slain Baton Rouge deputy had the chance to spend the day with law enforcement officers and be a “cop for a day.”

East Baton Rouge Sgt. Shawn Anderson was fatally shot earlier this month while conducting a rape investigation and as his funeral procession passed, Samuel Sanchez, 5, was caught standing on the side of the road wearing his own police uniform and holding a “thin blue line” flag.

“He did dangerous work and he died. I just love that cop and that’s why I went out there,” Samuel said. “I went out there to honor and respect that cop who got killed.”

The young boy’s actions grabbed national attention, but also the attention of local law enforcement who banded together for one very special day for the youngster.

Samuel was presented with patches, badges, hats, and a slew of other goodies. He also had the chance to see SWAT cars and helicopters, as well as meet a K-9 and ride a motorcycle.

“You make us all proud, brother,” East Baton Rouge Sheriff Sid J. Gautreaux told Samuel. “You stand on the side of the road with that flag, that’s why we do what we do, because of people like you.”

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