Turnbull Restoration Co. releases Winchester 1892 with color case finish

The rifle features original Winchester bluing paired with Turnbull Restoration's unique color case finish. (Photo: Turnball Restoration Co.)

The rifle features original Winchester bluing paired with Turnbull Restoration’s unique color case finish. (Photo: Turnbull Restoration Co.)

Turnbull Restoration Co. is set to release a new Winchester Model 1892 lever action rifle featuring the company’s innovative color case finish.

Chambered in either .44 Remington Magnum with a pistol grip or .45 Colt with a straight grip, the rifles boast a 20-inch octagonal barrel and factory checkered stocks. The wood has been Turnbull Restoration refinished in a hand-rubbed oil. The oil creates the signature red shade. Each rifle has the tang safety conversion installed, restoring these modern production rifles to the original 1892 specifications.

“We are real sticklers for historical accuracy here at Turnbull,” CEO and founder Doug Turnbull said in a statement. “So when we started, we knew we had to restore the safety to the original tang configuration to remain true to ourselves and this piece of firearm history. So we did.”

The receiver, lever, hammer, butt plate and forend cap feature Turnbull Restoration’s color case hardening, while all blued parts retain the Winchester original factory bluing.

The company says the hope is that its Winchester 1892 becomes a staple in modern gun owners’ families for generations to come.

“The Winchester 1892 is one of those historically significant firearms that every enthusiast and collector knows,” said Turnbull. “Some of these have been passed from generation to generation within American families. We’re proud to take this amazing rifle and make it into an instant family heirloom to be passed along.”

The 1892 rifles are tested, fully functional and available now from Turnbull Restoration with a $2,500 sticker price.

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