Fort Worth police see spike in guns stolen from vehicles

Police are seeing a spike in guns stolen from vehicles on the booming north side of Forth Worth, Texas.

NBC-FDW reported there have been 139 cases over the last year and 23 just last month of people breaking into cars and stealing guns in the area, and investigators say the trend is disturbing.

“What criminals do is they’re going to go shopping and they’re gonna go shopping in a neighborhood where they know they can find nice things,” said Fort Worth Police Sgt. Marc Povero.

Povero noted that many of the guns stolen have been recovered at other crime scenes.

“Some of these weapons have been recovered and we’ve discovered that they’ve been used in other crimes, most of them violent crimes, including aggravated robberies, aggravated kidnappings,” said Povero.

Taylor Smith, victim of a recent car robbery in which the thief ran off with her gun, said she worried how these stolen firearms would ultimately be used.

“It would be very unfortunate for somebody to take your own safety and then hurt somebody with it,” Smith said.

The Fort Worth Police Department is asking gun owners to take their guns inside, lock their cars, and keep records of all their firearm’s serial numbers.

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