Dash cam footage shows assault on state trooper before good Samaritans intervene (VIDEO)

An intense battle between a Michigan State Trooper and two brothers in February, which ended when two good Samaritans came to the officer’s aid, was captured on dash cam footage.

Michael Scott Barber, 21, and his half-brother, Tyler Wise, 19, are both charged with attempted murder for the February 20 incident, which unfolded as Michigan State Police Trooper Garry Guild attempted to stop Barber, who was speeding on a stolen motorcycle.

A pursuit continued, reaching speeds near 100 miles per hour before Barber – trying to elude the trooper – wrecked. As Guild exited the vehicle, Barber came at him, and Guild tried to subdue him.

As Guild had Barber pinned to the ground, a vehicle passed by and a plastic bottle was thrown at the officer. Moments later, Wise got out of the vehicle and rushed Guild, placing him in a headlock while Barber repeatedly punched him in the face.

Guild said moments before two good Samaritans intervened, he felt he was on the edge of losing consciousness. He said he feared at that point, Barber and Wise, who had already reached for the officer’s duty belt several times, would have access to his weapons. However, with the help of the good Samaritans, Guild was able to apprehend the two brothers.

At the time of the incident, Barber was on parole after serving time for a felony home invasion conviction he received at the age of 17.

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