Larry V looks at the vintage late-war Walther P38 pistol (VIDEO)

Larry Vickers brings in a historically significant F-serial number block Mauser SVW-45 Walther, among the last made for the Germans at the tail end of WWII.

While the Germans used the Luger P08 along with various Mauser C96 and M1914 pistols in the Great War, they had been nominally replaced with Carl Walther’s P38 on the cusp of the Second World War. While the new gun was first put into production by Walther at Zella-Mehlis, Spreewerk and Mauser soon got into the act and the example Larry is shooting is one of the latter’s guns.

And yes, he brings the slo-mo.

Want to know more?

Larry covers a lot of the German line-up to include the Luger, aforementioned P38, and two guns pressed into service from captured factories including the Browning Hi-Power– Pistole 640(b) in German service– and Radom VIS or Pistole 35(p) in the below video.

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