Stuffing 8 shots in your Ruger Redhawk .357 Mag (VIDEO)

Ruger recently kicked off a new offering for their long-running Redhawk wheel gun line that brings an increase in capacity and Hickok45 has the rundown.

The beefy .357 Magnum variant of the Redhawk, which hasn’t been offered in that caliber since 1991, has had the cylinder reworked to accommodate eight cartridges, which brings a whole new element to the famous “Feel Lucky Punk?” scene.

The new 8-shooter, which still fits in standard Redhawk holsters, comes with three full-moon clips for its relieved cylinder and a 2.75-inch barrel. MSRP on the 44-ounce chunk of a revolver is a respectable $1079, but ‘Hick has no problems making it smoke pots, clear bowling pins and empty pop with Federal ammo.

“If six is good, maybe eight is better?” he says.

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