Ruger expands LCRx series, adds 3-inch .22LR to lineup

The .22LR variant joins the .357 Magnum on Ruger's LCRx line. (Photo: Ruger)

The .22LR variant joins the .357 Magnum on Ruger’s LCRx line. (Photo: Ruger)

Ruger continues to roll out additions to its popular LCR line of revolvers, adding a longer barreled model chambered in .22LR to the LCRx series.

The .22LR variant joins the .357 Magnum model which was introduced in January.

Though Ruger fans will notice the same overall look and feel between the two models, the latest addition takes the design a bit further offering a longer barrel. The 3-inch barrel pushes the .22LR LCRx up to 7.5-inches in overall length.

Though it boasts an increased length, weight doesn’t suffer with the wheel gun tipping scales at 17.3-ounces. In comparison, the .357 Magnum model weighs only slightly less at 17.1-ounces. The lightweight design is credited to Ruger’s high-strength stainless cylinder with PVD finish which features an extensively fluted design. This construction acts to reduce total weight while also elevating durability.

The revolver comes equipped with a Hogue Tamer Monogrip; however, the gun allows for the installation of a variety of grip styles.

The all-black design is available from Ruger with a price point of $579.

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