Kirsten Joy Weiss holds off 1,000-Peep horde via explosives and SCAR (VIDEO)

KJW doesn’t have time to moan about losing YT skrilla. Why? Because she has 1K peeps to end in the most dramatic way possible.

Every year around this time, the ever-intrepid Kirsten Joy Weiss fights takes out 52 weeks worth of angst on the marshmallow sugar overload that are packs-o-peeps. This has included stacking them deep to see just how many peeps it takes to stop incoming fire from a .22LR, testing their ballistic protective ability, and just about everything else.

This year, it is a 1,000-peep-pile centered over a nice size chunk of binary target blend to serve as rocket fuel for blastoff. The ignition source: an FN SCAR 17.

The after-splosion inspection is very forensic and includes a 60-70 yard blast zone debris field.

KJW does the serious research on bullet proof Peeps (VIDEO)

KJW does the serious research on Peeps use of force so you don’t have to.

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