CHCL holder stops stabbing, holds suspect until police arrive (VIDEO)

A brutal stabbing in Austin, Arkansas, earlier this month was stopped by a passerby who happened to be carrying a concealed weapon.

The incident, which occurred on Monday, April 3, involved brothers Darren Terry, 47, and Chris Terry, 30. The two were engaged in a physical altercation outside of a home when Lt. Brandon Teel with the United States Air Force Reserves 189th Airlift Wing drove by.

Teel said when he first saw the two, he thought it was a couple of kids fighting, but still slowed down for safety. Then he realized it wasn’t kids and Chris was repeatedly stabbing Darren.

Teel, who was carrying a concealed handgun, then stopped his car, got out, trained his weapon on Chris, and told him to stop or he would shoot. Teel said he felt that before he showed up, Chris had no intentions to stop stabbing his brother, but once Teel drew his weapon, the stabbing ceased.

Teel was able to hold Chris at gunpoint while he called the police, who arrived a short time later and arrested Chris on first-degree domestic battery. Darren was transported to a local hospital for medical treatment.

Authorities confirmed Teel has a valid license to carry a concealed handgun and credited the 35-year-old for saving Darren’s life.

“Lt. Teel is a perfect example of a responsible concealed carry permit holder,” said Austin Police Chief Bill Duerson. “He acted heroically in the face of extreme danger and avoided a tragedy.”

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