Opposers of campus carry introduce college-themed bulletproof vests (VIDEO)

Student Body Armor and Cocks Not Glocks have teamed up to offer college students a fashionable way to protect themselves in the event of a school shooting.

“Nine states have ‘campus carry’ laws allowing anyone with a license to carry guns onto school grounds,” the website states. “Not to worry. We’ve got you covered (in Type 2 body armor). Because now the good guys and the bad guys have guns. So don’t get caught in the crossfire. Get Student Body Armor!”

Products include T-shirts and sweatshirts, as well as hoodies for added head protection. Prices range from $700 to $29,999.99 for “The Hurt Locker,” which offers the greatest amount of protection.

“Price too steep?” the website queries. “Not to worry. There’s another way to protect yourself on campus. Click the link below to contact your local representative and ask them to keep guns out of schools by fighting campus carry legislation. Because you are drastically more likely to be involved in a shooting when a gun is nearby.”

The apparel – and the accompanying satirical commercial – aims to bring attention to campus carry by “fighting absurdity with absurdity.”

[ Student Body Armor ]

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