Marine who lost leg in Afghanistan completes Boston Marathon for the second time (VIDEO)

Jose Luis Sanchez, a United States Marine who lost his left leg while serving in Afghanistan more six years ago, completed the Boston Marathon on Monday for the second time.

But Sanchez made it quite clear after finishing the race that he doesn’t even like to run. To him, the marathon was more about doing something simply because he can, while showing support and lending encouragement to those who think they can’t.

“I want to recognize veterans and everyone who thinks they can’t do something,” Sanchez said after the race.

In 2011, just two weeks shy of completing his tour of duty, Sanchez stepped on an IED.

“They picked me up and my leg slid off,” Sanchez recalled. “They were able to save my other leg, and through hard work and determination we are here.”

Sanchez said during his recovery, he was unable to stand for more than about three seconds and couldn’t walk more than a couple of feet.

“I fought for four or five years to be able to walk and lift my body. Then I wanted to push it further by doing a marathon,” he said.

And this is the third marathon Sanchez has completed – the Marine Corps Marathon in 2015, and the Boston Marathon both this year and last. In all three races, Sanchez has carried an American flag that was given to him by his unit while he was in recovery.

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