Rimfire meltdown: Select-fire AR-22 to the point of no return (VIDEO)

The IV8888 crew has melted ARs, Glocks and AKs in the past and now they set their sights lower– on a humble CMMG .22LR rimfire conversion.

Of course, it is not your typical plinker. Starting with a CMMG .22 upper with a 4-inch barrel and a custom machined firing pin, they add a full-auto lower, KG Made Swarm titanium suppressor, ACOG and stacks of fully loaded mags.

“As far as I know, this is going to be a world record for the amount of full auto .22 ammo in one sitting,” says Eric.

It sounds like one of those full-auto BB guns that the carnies bark at the county fair when it goes off, but the little AR-22 keeps chewing up round after round and it really becomes more a test on how dirty a rimfire can get before it stops working rather than how hot.

Go ahead and say it, “So, that’s where all the 22 went!”

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