Daisy becomes official BB gun of the Boy Scouts in partnership program

The airgun maker this week announced they are partnering with the largest youth organization in the country to help educate more scouts in the shooting sports.

The agreement, disclosed Monday, makes Daisy the official BB gun of the youth group and the company will provide BSA councils and camps throughout the country with support.

“To be recognized as the Official BB Gun of the Boy Scouts of America and to be involved in this far-reaching youth shooting sports initiative is a huge source of pride,” said Daisy President Keith Higginbotham in a statement. “Hundreds of millions of adults have been positively affected by Scouting, learning to become responsible citizens, developing character and becoming self-reliant. Involvement in the shooting sports develops similar traits, such as discipline, patience, self-control, and responsibility.”

The partnership will make Daisy’s inflatable airgun ranges, a 22-foot long portable enclosed shooting house that can accommodate 12 lanes, available to 274 local BSA councils as well as scout camps.

Besides airguns, the BSA has a number of shooting sports programs including chalk ball, cowboy action shooting, multi-gun airsoft, pistol programs, rimfire rifle, and clays for Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, and Venturing. Cub Scout BB gun programs are typically set up at 5 meters (16.5 feet) and are limited to a velocity less than 500 fps, with a trigger pull of at least 2.5-pounds.

Brad Farmer, assistant chief executive of the BSA, remarked the organization, “greatly appreciate the support and commitment that Daisy Outdoor Products is providing to Scouting through this important partnership.”

On Wednesday, Daisy introduced the official BSA edition airgun, the Model 1910, a pump action single shot .177 that shoots at 350 fps.

(Photo: Daisy)

(Photo: Daisy)


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