‘Donut disrespect’ - Iowa cops eat donuts in silly viral video

Two small town police officers from Iowa are going viral this week for playing into an age-old police stereotype.

Ames Police Officer Eric Snyder and Iowa State University Police Officer Anthony Greiter ate donuts in the video while offering a message of respect.

“Donut disrespect, donut discriminate, donut harass and donut hate,” said Snyder in the video.

“It’s simple. Respect each other, and donut make bad decisions, and we’ll give you free donuts,” added Greiter.

“And cop donuts taste way better than regular donuts,” adds Snyder.

The pair said community members should watch social media for events that feature free donuts. On Wednesday, the Ames Police Department posted a video of a police SUV with “Donut Disrespect” on the hood of the car.

“Introducing the donutmobile. Look for it around town as we spread a message of respect with donuts starting tomorrow,” reads the tweet.

The video of Snyder and Greiter was posted Monday and has about 500,000 views.

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