Crimson Trace, Walther pair up for PPS M2 with Laserguard sight

The LG-482 mounted on the Walther PPS M2. (Photo: Crimson Trace)

Walther will now offer a Laserguard equipped model PPS M2. (Photo: Crimson Trace)

Laster sight connoisseurs Crimson Trace team up with Walther to offer pistol fans a new Laserguard equipped model PPS M2.

The LG-482 Laserguard laser sight features a red diode designed to securely install around the trigger guard of the 9mm Walther handgun. The LG-482 offer Crimson Trace’s patented Instinctive Activation, which allows the laser to be activated when the firearm is held in a normal firing grip. The sights are adjustable for windage and elevation and are also covered under the company’s free batteries for life program.

The laser sight technology is mounted on Walther’s PPS M2. The PPS M2 boasts a compact, slim profile and smooth trigger operation. Measuring 6.3-inches with a barrel length of 3.18-inches, the semi-automatic pistol weighs just over 6-pounds.

“When we introduced the new PPS M2 pistol without an accessory rail, people loved how smooth and slim the pistol was,” Luke Thorkildsen, Walther Arms VP of Marketing and Product Development, said in a press release. “The Crimson Trace Laserguard is the perfect addition to the compact PPS M2 because you get to have the best of both worlds.”

While pricing on the complete unit is unknown, the Laserguard on its own retails for $229. The full set-up is now available in stores.

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