New pistols hit Browning Black Label 1911-380 line

The Medallion Pro, top, and Black Label Pro, bottom, are two of the five new models of 1911s announced by Browning on Wednesday. (Photo: Browning)

The Medallion Pro, top, and Black Label Pro, bottom, are two of the five new models of Browning 1911s. (Photo: Browning)

Browning is expanding its Black Label 1911-380 series, offering five new pistol models ranging from full size to compact.

The new Black Label 1911-380 Medallion Pro features an aluminum-reinforced composite frame and slide with a blackened stainless steel finish and silver brush polished flats. Checkered rosewood grips with the gold Browning Buckmark logo give the 1911 a classic look. Shipping with two magazines, the full-size model’s barrel measures just over four inches while the compact version boasts a 3 5/8-inch barrel length. Both models are available with 3-dot sights or steel night sights. The 3-dot configuration retails for $799.99 while the night sights version offers a slightly higher price of $879.99.

In addition to the two new Medallion Pro models, Browning added three compact 1911-380 models.

The Black Label Compact serves up the same features as its full-size compadre but with a shorter, 3 5/8-inch barrel. The model features composite black grips with fixed combat sights, retailing for $669.99.

The Black Label Pro and Pro Rail series are the lucky recipients of the remaining compact models. Both have the same 3 5/8-inch barrels as the other compacts on the 1911-380 series and offers either 3-dot or steel night sights. The Black Label Pro Compact is priced at $879.99 while the Pro Compact with rail starts at $829.99.

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