Fabio sounds off on celebrities, vows to buy a gun after break-in (VIDEO)

Fabio Lanzoni, the Italian-American model most well-known for appearing on the covers of 80s and 90s romance novels and his role in I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! commercials, recently spoke out against a certain attitude in Hollywood and vowed to buy a gun after his home was targeted for a break-in.

The incident happened back in January, but Fabio just shared details of the break-in last week in an interview with Access Hollywood.

“I came home and I saw one of the windows. I knew right away something happened,” he said, also noting that he had security cameras and even Rottweilers trained to protect his home, who he happened to leave outside that day.

The male model said his home was left a disaster, with his personal effects strewn all about. He said the incident left him feeling “very violated.”

The burglars made off with a 200-pound safe, which had been bolted to the floor and contained over $120,000 in gold coins and about $80,000 in watches.

After the break-in, Fabio was taken aback to learn just how many of his own friends and acquaintances have been victims of crime.

“The system is a total failure,” he said. “And I’ve said this before, coming from Europe, it’s like a movie. I already saw the freaking movie.”

He also didn’t steer away from calling out California.

“It’s a real mess,” he said. “California’s a mess.”

Fabio concluded the interview by speaking out against celebrities who do not support law enforcement.

“The police [are] the ones who serve us, not the criminal,” he said. “So we have to take a stand, we have to help the police.”

He added, “The police right now [are] demoralized. They are like, ‘Why should I stop some criminal and risk my life, and then maybe get into trouble with the law because now the law is on the side of the criminal.’”

Fabio also made it clear that, in addition to added security already put in place at his home, he planned to purchase a gun.

[ Access Hollywood ]

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