Former Boston Celtics player found guilty in Chicago gun theft case

A former player for the Boston Celtics was found guilty in federal court Thursday for being a convicted felon in possession of stolen firearms.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported Nate Driggers was found guilty by a jury on one of two counts of illegal gun possession, related to the Chicago rail yard theft of more than 100 Ruger firearms in April 2015.

Federal authorities accused Driggers of buying 30 of the stolen guns after they had been nabbed from a freight train parked over night in a south side rail yard.

One of the stolen Rugers was reportedly found in Driggers’ store on the south side of Chicago.

Driggers’ defense attorneys argued Driggers was not the only person who controlled the store and tried to delegitimize the government’s main witness, Marcel “Soup” Turner.

Federal prosecutor Chris Parente admitted that Turner was “not Mother Teresa,” but said Turner’s testimony was backed up by the evidence, such as cell phone records.

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