In one high school, life skills class includes AR-15 work

High school students in a rural Kansas town are offered hands-on training in gun safety as part of an elective class.

The Reno County public school, Fairfield High, is part of USD 310 in Langdon, and Agricultural Education teacher Mary Beth Fulk includes some basic firearms training in her curriculum presented during her “handy work” life skills course.

“I thought kids needed some classes that don’t fit into traditional the classroom anymore,” Fulk told The Hutchinson News.

Mixed in with lessons on how to make a resume, back up a trailer and change a tire, the gun safety segment includes classroom training on campus without firearms. The is followed by a live-fire portion administered by a certified firearms instructor at an off-campus shooting range where students try their hand on an AR-15 and a .38 Special revolver.

Parents have to sign a permission slip beforehand and there have been no complaints.

“It’s gun safety; it’s how to handle a gun, how to shoot it properly,” said Principal Jason Briar.

Though an elective class, about a fifth of the student body opted to take the course in its first year.

[ The Hutch ]

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