Twitter has field day with Chicago PD’s drug, weapon bust

A photo shared Wednesday by the Chicago Police Department via Twitter is receiving all sorts of attention, namely for the unusual gun the department scored while executing a search warrant.

One Twitter user thought, although it was posted on a Wednesday, maybe the photo was a “Throwback Thursday to the first 4/20 ever.”

Someone else suggested the suspect must have come all the way from Jumanji, while another noted the weapon looks like something owned by The Joker. Other possible culprits – according to Twitter users – included Josey Wales, Captain Jack Sparrow and, of course, Billy the Kid and Wyatt Earp.

Others questioned whether the gun was used in a stagecoach robbery or whether it was the score from a museum break-in. But perhaps the most burning question was whether the police department was on the scene in time to save the damsel who was tied to the railroad tracks.

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