More manufacturers sign on to 22 Nosler, add rifles to catalogs


The APF DMR is one of several new setups offered in 22 Nosler. (Photo: Alex Pro Firearms)

Nosler announced more gun manufacturers are now offering rifle options chambered in the company’s 22 Nosler, introduced to the industry at SHOT Show.

The new round rocked the gun world and since its introduction has seen several companies sign on to manufacture parts and complete builds chambered in 22 Nosler.

Montana Rifle Company, Phoenix Weaponry, Alex Pro Firearm and Radical Firearms are the latest rifle makers to join the trend, adding more options for consumers interested in the new Nosler cartridge.

Though not all manufacturers have uploaded deets on their 22 Nosler goodies, at least two makers have spilled the beans adding Nosler configurations to their websites.

Alex Pro Firearms serves up the APF DMR featuring an 18-inch barrel with 1/8 twist. The 7.8 pound black rifle retails for $1,439. Alex Pro also offers the APF Varmint chambered in 22 Nosler. The $1,314 Varmint is equipped with a 22-inch barrel and a weight of 7.9 pounds. Additionally, the company provides just the DMR and Varmint uppers for purchase with prices starting at $809.

Radical Firearms presents the RF Forged MilSpec Rifle chambered in Nosler’s new round. The rifle is outfitted with an 18-inch barrel and 15-inch RPR free-float rail. Measuring 37.5-inches with a 7.30 pound weight, the RF rifle offers a low-profile micro gas block and a price tag of $1,099.

Though Montana Rifle Company has yet to upload any specifics on its 22 Nosler option, the company boasts bolt-action rifle options chambered in several Nosler calibers. Following suit, Phoenix Weaponry currently offers no specific rifles chambered in 22 Nosler on their site, however, their some of the setups allow for caliber customization upon approval from the company.

The 22 Nosler debuted in January and was designed to transform the performance of standard .223/5.56mm AR-15s into faster, powerful .22 caliber platforms. The new cartridge plays on the overwhelming popularity of the modular AR platform, upgrading existing setups easily through the swapping of an upper, or even just the barrel, and 6.8 SPC magazine.

The two-step retrofit gives shooters the experience of using the Nosler while still allowing for use of the existing .223 bolt carrier group.

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