New polymer holster now shipping alongside Canik pistols

The holster offers two styles of retention and a polymer design. (Photo: The Outdoor Wire)

The holster offers two styles of retention for Canik pistols. (Photo: Canik)

Canik handguns will now ship with a new style holster, offering customers immediate carrying capabilities straight out of the box.

Canik pistols have traditionally shipped with a range holster and magazine carrier, but importer Century Arms says it was time the old rig got an update.

“We wanted to provide a holster that would allow our customers to be able to get the most use possible out of it,” William Sucher, Vice President of Century Arms, said in a statement. “Selling a customer a firearm isn’t enough for us, we want to ensure the best experience possible for those who choose Century and Canik products.”

The new polymer holster offers an internal, passive retention mechanism as well as optional retention strap and is compatible with existing belt and paddle attachments.

Consumers can now choose from several pistol options to include the TP9SF Elite for concealed carry, the TP9SFX for competition and the TPSF for all-around defense and sport. Each pistol ships with two magazines, holster with both paddle and belt attachment, interchangeable backstraps, cleaning rob, brush and limited lifetime warranty.

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