Springfield Armory reveals new handgun, sort of (VIDEO)

After two years of research and development, Springfield Armory will release something new at the upcoming NRA convention.

In a new teaser, Springfield blurred the item as it discharges in the hands of a user, but for a brief moment at the end of the video flashes just the tip. A new pistol? Probably.

The company called it “the next major addition to its broad and diverse handgun family,” but this — an XD, maybe — is designed with specific benefits “to solve persistent handgun user challenges.”

Springfield’s chief executive officer, Dennis Reese, described the gun as a “game-changing” product. “We wake up each morning determined to design and build the tools that help people protect that for which they love,” he said.

The newest addition to the Springfield Armory will be on display at the company’s booth during the NRA show in Atlanta starting Friday morning.

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