Flash mob robs unsuspecting BART passengers (VIDEO)

Passengers on a Bay Area Rapid Transit train out of Oakland Saturday found themselves the victims of a massive robbery when an estimated 40 to 60 juveniles stormed the train and snatched valuables.

Authorities say the youths made off with purses, a duffel bag, and cell phones, and at least two people were left with head and face injuries. Altogether, seven robberies were reported, all except for one occurring on the same train.

“To have it happen all at once, obviously it was a coordinated [incident],” said BART spokeswoman Alicia Trost, who added that flash mobs are becoming increasingly common.

“It is something that occurs frequently enough that we know it’s a problem and we are working with law enforcement,” Trost said.

But because those responsible for the robberies were minors, video of the incident will not being released. Authorities are, however, reviewing the videos in an effort to identify the suspects.

[ NBC ]

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