Galco launches cooler version of KingTuk IWB holster

The new variant on the KingTuk series offers a ventilated backing on natural color steer-hide. (Photo: Galco)

The new variant on the series offers natural color steer-hide with ventilation holes. (Photo: Galco)

Galco unveiled a new version of its popular KingTuk inside-the-waistband series of holsters aimed at keeping concealed carriers cool while packing heat.

The KingTuk Air features a ventilated back plate to help air move through the IWB rig, keeping concealers cooler. The holster boasts a rigid Kydex shell fastened to the back plate which provides secure holstering matched with an easy draw. All KingTuk models are constructed with premium full grain steer-hide designed to provide a full drawing grip on the gun while holstered.

The Air comes with removable belt clips which fit belts up to 1 3/4-inches. These can be moved up or down to match with corresponding holes in the leather, allowing users to set carry height and angle to suit their preference. Galco offers optional accessories such as C-hooks and tuckable belt loops which all work alongside the Air as well as its predecessors the original KingTuk and the KingTuk 2.

Galco says initial fits will include popular pistol models such as 1911s, Glock, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson and Springfield Armory.

The KingTuk Air is available in a natural color with black Kydex pocket and standard black metal clips with a price-point of $59.95.

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