NRA leaders praise Trump victory, nostalgic about campaign (VIDEO)

The National Rifle Association’s leaders reflected on the past year, looking back on the election victory for President Trump and the political fight against his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton.

NRA leaders warmed up the crowd before introducing Trump to an audience of NRA members during its annual conference in Atlanta on Friday.

The group’s head lobbyist Chris Cox reminded the crowd about what America could have been under a Clinton Administration, saying it would have been a constant attack on the Second Amendment.

“How many of you were with us in Louisville last year?” Cox asked. “You know, it’s almost hard to believe, but back then the fate of individual freedom truly hung in the balance. We didn’t know whether our God given rights would even be recognized by the time this event came around. All we knew for sure is that we were ready to fight like hell for the soul of this country and we had a partner in Donald Trump.”

Much of his speech was dedicated to reminding the audience the NRA was one of the only mainstream organizations to endorse Trump and confronted the belief that Trump would lose the election.

“Now he wasn’t the establishment’s candidate and he sure wasn’t the media’s candidate, he was our candidate. The most proudly pro-Second Amendment nominee in American history,” he said.

Cox also mentioned the only policy issue before they introduced Trump. “We will make Congress pass National carry reciprocity. We fight for self defense because life is worth fighting for,” he said.

NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre rifted on Cox’s characterization of a dystopian America following the Obama Administration as he identified new enemies to the American people.

“It’s up to use to speak up against the most three most dangerous voices in America: Academic elites, political elites, and media elites. These are America’s greatest threats,” LaPierre said, adding “They’re trying hijack our youth.”

“If we don’t stand up to them, an entire generation of Americans could be lost,” he said, arguing certain values would be misconstrued.

Article updated 3:06 pm EST on April 28, 2017

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