Ohio man calls on cops, K-9 unit to help him find stolen heroin (VIDEO)

Authorities in Ohio this week released a 911 recording of a man who called to enlist the help of a police dog in finding his heroin, which he accused a woman of stealing.

Bath Township Police Chief Mike McNeely said it was one of the strangest calls he has heard in his more than 40 years in law enforcement. He also called it “pathetic” and a prime example of the growing heroin epidemic.

Joseph Murphy, 20, made the call back in January, although the recording was just released this week. Murphy told the 911 operator he needed a police dog.

“You need a police dog?” the operator asked. “What’s going on there?”

“She stole heroin from me,” Murphy replied.

Police responded to the call, but when they arrived, Murphy began talking about stolen money. The officers, however, were more interested in the stolen heroin, which Murphy freely spoke of as well once they asked him about it.

Then, in the middle of the conversation, Murphy pulled out a “brown, waxy substance” from his pants, which was believed to be heroin. It’s unknown if the heroin in his pants was the same heroin Murphy believed was previously stolen, but once the test results come back, he’ll likely be facing felony drug charges.

[ ABC 5 ]

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