Jesse James Ammo at NRAAM 2017 (VIDEO) caught up with Jesse James at the Ammo Inc. booth at this years NRAAM 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia. We wanted to find out more about his signature ammo line that he put together with his long time friend and collaborator Fred Wagenhals.

Wagenhals and James bought the assets of a troubled ammunition company in Payson, AZ and re-branded it under Ammo Inc. The duo have enjoyed success together in the motorsports merchandise industry, and now plan to bring their expertise to ammunition.

James says his line of ammo is ‘focusing a lot on high quality and good value. It’s pretty awesome stuff.’

According to Billy Doak of Ammo Inc., the Jesse James Black Label ammo line features V-Max projectiles, Starline Brass and a TPT coating that promotes a slick surface.

The Ammo Inc’s Ops Line is a 100% frangible round, so you don’t have to worry about someone behind your target getting wound behind hurt by a ‘shoot-thru’.

‘The price point is 30 points less than any other defense round in the market.’ says Doaks. ‘If you give it try, you’ll never go back.’

You can find more info about the ammo on the Ammo Inc. site.

The Jesse James line of ammo and Ammo Inc. ammo is available at Midway USA, Graf & Sons, Sportsmas’s Warehouse, Sports Inc, Frontier Justice

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