High school rejects, then accepts trap shooting team’s yearbook photo (VIDEO)

Big Lake High School administrators in Minnesota decided to make an exception to a policy after they rejected the school’s trap shooting team’s yearbook photo, only to be met by opposition from students, parents, and other members of the community.

The exception was announced just one day after local media shared the story.

The photo features the team members holding their guns – upright, unloaded and pointed in a safe direction – and therein was the problem. School policy prohibited images from the yearbook that “display firearms, weapons, drugs, alcohol, inappropriate gestures and poses.” The policy stated such photos could either be edited or rejected. The team’s photo was rejected.

Clayton Birdsall, a student and first-year member of the team, compared the gun in the trap team photo to the baseball bat he held for his baseball photo.

“That’s what you use in the sport,” Clayton said. “It’s just natural.”

Clayton’s father, Derek, said the trap shooting team is one of the school’s most popular sports, currently with 60 members and another 20 or so who were rejected for the team because they didn’t return their paperwork in time. He said most of the community was talking about the photo, even those without kids in the school, and the issue was brought to the school board in a meeting Thursday evening.

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