Jimmy John’s cashier is the definition of chill during armed robbery (VIDEO)

A cashier at the Jimmy John’s sandwich shop in Kansas City remained ultra-chill when an armed robber stuck a gun in his face.

The entire incident, which lasted less than a minute, was captured on the shop’s surveillance video and is since making its way around the internet.

To Tuker Murray, it seemed like a typical day when the suspect walked in, ordered a sandwich, and asked what kind of cheese they had. But as Murray began to tell the so-called customer about the cheese, the man pulled a gun and aimed it at Murray’s face while instructing him to hand over the money.

However, it appeared the suspect was less than ready to rob a store, as he seemed to have some trouble racking the slide on his gun as he announced the robbery.

Nonetheless, appearing more irritated than anything, Murray, realized he wasn’t going to be making a sandwich for the guy and in an almost slow-motion movement removed his gloves, all the while staring the robber dead straight in the eye as he pointed the gun at Murray’s head. And although Murray was doing as instructed, he was in no big hurry to empty the register, as he continued to stare down the suspect.

After handing over the cash, the suspect noticed there was still a single dollar bill – yes, one dollar – left in the register, and instructed Murray to give him “all of it.”

Without missing a beat, Murray picked up the entire till out of the register and nonchalantly handed it to the suspect, who appeared a bit confused about whether to take the whole till or just grab the dollar bill from it.

The suspect then walked out of the shop with his stacks of stolen cash, but was identified as Terry K. Rayford and caught soon after the robbery.

And Rayford is no stranger to law enforcement either. At the time of the robbery, he was on parole for another robbery. Authorities say Rayford admitted to that robbery but said he did so to pay his crack dealer, who he owed money.

Rayford now faces up to 10 years in prison.

[ BBC ]

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