Testing out the no-NFA-needed Mossberg Shockwave (VIDEO)

While pistol grip only shotguns have been around for a minute, the newest idea is the 14-inch barrel “firearm” in 12 gauge that gets the job done without a tax stamp required.

Traditionally, shotguns crossed over into National Firearms Act territory when they were under 26-inches overall and/or had a barrel less than 16.

Now, with guns such as the Mossberg Shockwave, introduced at SHOT Show earlier this year, and Remington’s Tac-14, debuted last week, manufacturers are taking shotgun-based systems still just over 26-inches long and mounting a 14-inch barrel and, as the receiver used was born a “firearm” and not a shotgun, it’s all good when it comes to the NFA– though some state and local restrictions on short-barreled or “sawn-off” shotguns still apply.

And to take an in-depth look at the Shockwave, Hickok45 pits a trio of the new Mossies to the test.

The pineapple is dramatic…

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