Angstadt Arms integrally suppressed 9mm carbine (VIDEO)

Angstadt Arms showcased their UDP-9i at NRA AM 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Teaming up KG Made Suppressors, Angstadt Arms created an integrally suppressed 9mm rifle and carbine based on their UDP-9 platform.

The UDP-9i features an adjustable port system with 15 threaded holes that allow the user to adjust the velocity and sound signature based on their specific ammunition loads. A grade 9 titanium sleeve makes a lightweight and balanced rifle.

The model on display at NRA AM 2017 had fired upwards of 6000 rounds in both semi-auto and full-auto and wasn’t the worse for the wear. This is possible thanks to a 17-4 heat treated baffle stack.

As usual, the UDP-9 platforms run on Glock magazines and feature standard AR-15 trigger control groups, hand-guard sand accessories.

The integrally suppressed UDP-9i rifle and carbines are selling for $1995.

Learn more at Angstadt Arms.

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