Border Patrol finds hearse carrying coffin packed with pot

hearse with pot

(Photo: CBP)

A 28-year-old man was arrested Saturday evening after Border Patrol agents in Arizona discovered more than 67 pounds of pot hidden inside a coffin in the hearse the man was driving.

Wilcox Agents at the State Route 80 Immigration Checkpoint near Tombstone stopped the vehicle after the driver appeared to avoid the border checkpoint.

Authorities first observed the white hearse traveling southbound towards Tombstone, then a bit later, noticed the same hearse traveling northbound. However, the vehicle turned west just before reaching the checkpoint.

Border Patrol agents then initiated a traffic stop, during which time the driver reportedly revealed a number of inconsistencies. A canine unit was then called in and a questionable odor detected. A search of the hearse led to some $33,000 worth of marijuana within the coffin.

[ U.S. Customs and Border Protection ]

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