Home destroyed during standoff with suspected cop killer (VIDEO)

Local media captured images of what was left of the house where the man suspected of killing a Delaware State Trooper last week engaged in a nearly 24-hour standoff with authorities.

Cpl. Stephen J. Ballard was shot and killed by Burgon Sealy Jr. during an encounter outside of a convenience store Wednesday.

Sealy fled the scene – calling his family on the way to tell them what he had done – then holed up in the house. Authorities made multiple attempts to breach the home, while trying to persuade Sealy to surrender, but all attempts were unsuccessful.

Sealy eventually came out of the house, but opened fire on the officers outside. Authorities, in response, returned fire, killing Sealy.

Thus far, authorities have not revealed a possible motive for the trooper’s slaying.

[ ABC News ]

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