FedEx Guy talks about rescuing a burning flag (VIDEO) caught up with Iowa City resident Matt Uhrin, the “FedEx Guy,” at the National Rifle Association’s annual convention in Atlanta over the weekend. Uhrin stopped a group of protesters from burning the American flag on Jan. 26 while on his delivery route.

We spotted him at the Brownells booth, where he accepted an American flag adorned pistol from Pete Brownell, the company’s CEO and NRA first vice president.

He recalled the incident:

“A part of my brain told me just let it go, it’s not important, you’re going to risk your job,” Uhrin told

After word spread of the altercation, Uhrin was not fired. He said his employer was not happy with what happened, but that they were willing to let it go.

FedEx released a statement on Jan. 28 regarding the incident.

“FedEx has reviewed the matter in Iowa City involving our driver Matt Uhrin.  Mr. Uhrin remains a FedEx Express employee, and we have no plans to change his status,” the statement reads.

Uhrin spent eight years as Army combat engineer and did a combat tour in Afghanistan from 2010-2011. He said the flag burning conjured painful memories about that tour.

“I remembered having to send someone home on an aircraft on their final flight. The flag-draped coffin and everything. That flashed in my head. And I was like you know what, they’re not just burning a piece of fabric to me. They’re burning that memory, they’re burning someone’s memory and I couldn’t let it go,” Uhrin said

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