DS Arms unveils new FN FAL mods, beer at NRA show (VIDEO)

DS Arms Inc. was present at NRAAM 2017 in Atlanta. Their DSA Patriot mascot was on hand bringing attention to new products for their FN FAL line, as well as their brewery that will deliver beer to your door.

Thom Kuss, marketing director, said DSA is best known for manufacturing complete FN FAL rifles that are 100 percent made in America. “We even make the magazines,” he said.

Located just outside Chicago, DSA has been manufacturing a variety of firearms for both civilians and the military since 1992.

On display were new products available soon for the FAL including a proprietary butt-stock similar to the FNH SCAR and a titanium lower receiver that is 40 percent lighter than steel lowers. DSA FAL rifles are completely interchangeable with the original F.N. metric FAL. DSA also produces spare parts and proprietary accessories for the FAL.

DSA was also marketing their brewery called Gun Craft Beer. With four different kinds of beer to choose from; a pale ale, amber, red IPA and Belgium style black, their slogan is ‘Freedom you can taste.’ Gun Craft Beer will ship directly to your door.

To find out more about their firearms, visit the DSA website. To discover their beer, visit Gun Craft Beer.

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