Kimber expands Micro pistol lineup, drops six new guns into series

The official lineup photo for the new pistols joining Kimber's Micro series. (Photo: Kimber)

The official lineup photo for the new pistols joining Kimber’s Micro series. (Photo: Kimber)

Kimber’s Micro and Micro 9 series will see the addition of six new variants of pistols chambered in .380 ACP and 9mm, the company announced Wednesday.

The Micro series of pistols features Kimber’s stylish approach to the classic 1911, scaled down into a micro-compact carry size.

The pistols all feature a barrel and slide machined from stainless steel to resist moisture, while the frame is shaped from aluminum for durability and strength.

The Micro series is equipped with a single action trigger with a short pull that aims to keep shooters accurately and consistently on target. The tiny 1911s are outfitted with a thumb safety, slide release and magazine release that keeps to the stalwart design.

Additionally, the guns feature a lowered and flared ejection port for seamless cartridge ejection and a beveled magazine well for fast and positive loading. Steel sights are mounted in machined dovetails for added security.

“The Micro and Micro 9 are truly exceptional platforms that offer the user adequate stopping power combined with the stunning looks and reliability that people have come to expect from Kimber,” Winslow Potter, Kimber’s director of product management, said in a statement.

“We’re working hard to build products that better suit our customers’ specific applications and individual personalities, and these six new Micro and Micro 9 line extensions do a good job in helping to tell that story,” he said.

The series will follow Kimber’s previous formula for expansion and will include the following: Micro Desert Tan,  Micro Rose Gold, Micro 9 Rose Gold, Micro 9 Midnight, Micro 9 Desert Night and Micro 9 Woodland Night.

Prices on the Micros range from $747 up to $1,061 and the series is expected to officially drop in May.

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