Hogue offers new fits for its automatic retention carry holsters

The Clock 43 nestled inside the Hogue carry holster. (Photo: Hogue)

The Clock 43 nestled inside the Hogue carry holster. (Photo: Hogue)

Hogue continues to expand its gear and accessory options, adding new fits to its lineup of automatic retention carry holsters.

The seven new models are designed to fit recently released firearms from some of the industry’s biggest names. The Glock 43, CZ P-10 Compact, Sig Sauer P320 made the list as well as a host of HK pistols including the new VP9SK, P10, P30, P2000 and VP9/40.

The latest additions include both right and left-handed designs featuring solid black and carbon fiber weave patterned options. All models come equipped with Hogue’s Automatic Retenion System. The system boasts a “ingenious” trigger guard-lock design which holds pistols securely when holstered. A thumb release located discreetly inside the holster provides an intuitive, fast draw. The form-fitted pistol channel also boasts easy re-holstering.

“We sweated a lot of details,” Hogue co-owner Neil Hogue said in a press release. “Each holster is uniquely designed for a specific model handgun so the fit and finish rivals a lot of custom designs out there.”

Touting a flexible, comfortable paddle that conforms to the hip, the paddle is also interchangeable with an included belt plate option. The built-in cant aims to eliminate the need for spaces or washers. Most models can easily be configured for a straight, FBI angle or cross draw position.

“We’re designing and building first rate carry holsters,” explained Hogue. “The features built into our retention holsters have resulted in quite a superior design and now we have added some highly requested new models to the Hogue holster roster.”

The holster series is priced at $49.95.

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