Steiner upgrades DBAL and SBAL, announces version 2.0

The DBAL-RL v2 introduced by Steiner eOptics. (Photo: Steiner)

The DBAL-RL v2 introduced by Steiner eOptics. (Photo: The Firearm Blog)

Steiner eOptics upgrades its DBAL and SBAL laser aiming tools, announcing the addition of the DBAL-RL v2 and SBAL-RL v2 to its lineup.

Identical to the DBAL-PL v2, the DBAL-RL pairs a visible laser pointer, an infrared laser pointer, an infrared illuminator and a white light illuminator into one integrated system.

The all-aluminum package features an end cap that enables users to plug in and operate the unit with two remote paddle switches. The SBAL-RL follows the DBAL’s lead, combining a visible laser and white light illuminator with a single receptacle end cap for remote switch operation.

The remote switching capability came as a response to the unique requirements provided in close quarter battle environments, in which the use of a shotgun or short-barrel rifle is mandatory.

“Prior to the -RL solutions, hostage rescue and door breaching teams were forced to adapt long-rifle lasers to their shotguns and short-barreled rifles,” Alan Page, general manager for Steiner eOptics, said in a statement. “The resulting innovative v2 enhancements represent some of the most advanced laser aiming and illumination solutions designed for home defense and CQB missions.”

The SBAL-RL v2 by Steiner. (Photo: Steiner)

The SBAL-RL v2 by Steiner. (Photo: Steiner)

Both systems are available with green or red visible lasers and feature fully programmable switch functions for single, double tap and press hold operation. The units offer five independent, programmable dimming levels for each laser and illuminator. The DBAL and SBAL V2 share a rugged, durable design that meet the same military environment specifications as the company’s DBAL-A3.

Designed by Steiner’s engineering team in Vermont, the DBAL and SBAL were built in the company’s new 50,000 square foot facility in Ohio.

Though Steiner has not revealed the prices on either unit, consumers can expect the new systems to fall in-line with the company’s other high-end prices.

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