Plano introduces the Field Locker Waterproof Ammo Box

The waterproof ammo box safely stores ammunition, keeping it dry and ready for use. (Photo: Plano)

The waterproof ammo box safely stores ammunition or accessories, keeping items dry and ready for use. (Photo: Plano)

Plano unveiled the model 109160 Field Locker Waterproof Ammo Box, continuing the company’s tradition of offering practical, molded-plastic ammo cans to hunters and shooters in the field.

The new ammo box takes it design notes and interior dimensions from the popular model 1612 ammo box.

However, the latest ammo can kicks it up a notch offering military-grade performance specifications aligned with Plano’s premium Field Locker series of cases. Each Field Locker mil-spec case has been certified by an accredited test facility to meet military standards for immersion, dust, vibration and transit drop.

“The new Field Locker Waterproof Ammo Box takes the .50 cal. Plano Ammo Can that hunters and shooters around the world are familiar with to the true, military-spec performance level of the Field Locker series,” Plano Brand Manager Scott Borto said in a press release. “It’s the first guaranteed waterproof ammo box of its kind on the market.”

The thick, rugged case boasts secure sealing with premium dry-loc gaskets coupled with exact measurements to ensure water, dust and grime remains outside the ammo can. Furthermore, the Plano case comes equipped with a pressure release valve to equalize pressure divergence caused by temperature or altitude. Steel-reinforced padlock gates also provide a barrier against threats to safety and security.

Outfitted with over-molded heavy-duty handles and clamp-down latches, the ammo box is built for extreme durability and “failsafe performance.”

Plano touts the Field Locker Waterproof box as the “perfect vessel for storing expensive ammunition in damp or flood-prone areas, and is the ultimate ammunition travel case.”

The 17 x 8.7 x 10.8-inch waterproof ammo can is made in the USA with a MSRP of $74.99.

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