Who is Black Guns Matter? (VIDEO)

Maj Toure is the founder of Black Guns Matter. He’s on a mission to educate minorities about their Second Amendment rights.

“We’re an organization that’s going around the country informing people in urban areas about Second Amendment rights, about their human rights, about firearm safety, training and things like that.” he told Guns.com during the National Rifle Association’s annual conference in Atlanta last month.

Toure started the group because he was tired of seeing his friends go to jail. “You keep losing your friends to ignorance. Other people lose their friends to jail time, not because they’re bad people, but because, they didn’t know that they had to spend the 20 bucks in Philly to get the license to carry and fill out some paperwork. So now they’re a felon.”

A majority of gun crime happens in urban areas with strict gun laws. “The ignorance, the misinformation, is the reason why Black Guns Matter is existing; to inform those people.” he said.

Originally from Philadelphia, Toure completed a 13-city tour offering classes to people who want to learn more about firearms and the laws surrounding them. He’s now gearing up for a 50-state tour, raising money with his gofundme page.

Black Guns Matter is enjoying overwhelming support from the gun industry. “People ask me that, they say, ‘what pushback are you getting?'” he said. “I’m not getting any.”

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