Officers surrounded, assaulted after responding to call about fight (VIDEO)

Two police officers were assaulted in Paulsboro, New Jersey, while responding to a call about a fight around 6 p.m. Saturday.

Paulsboro Police Chief Vernon Marino said two officers – a male and a female – responded to the call but when they attempted to break up the fight, some 75 to 100 people formed a circle around them.

“Our concern is things could’ve went from bad to worse quickly,” Marino said.

And while the situation didn’t go to “worse” it was certainly peppered with violence.

As the female officer was attempting to place a female suspect in custody, several people were attempting to take the suspect away from the officer, although it’s unclear if the act was strictly in defiance of the officer or an attempt to assault the suspect. Regardless, during the struggle, the female officer was punched in the face, while the second officer’s body-worn camera was ripped from his uniform.

That camera has since been recovered and the footage has been instrumental in making arrests related to the melee.

The officers were not seriously injured and up to 25 additional arrests are expected.

[ ABC 6 ]

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