California murder suspect posts record-breaking $70M bail (VIDEO)

A woman accused of murder in California posted a massive $70 million bail this week, the country’s eighth highest state court bail ever posted.

The bail for Tiffany Li, who is accused of killing Keith Green, her ex-boyfriend and father of their two kids, was set at $35 million, but when property equity is posted instead of cash, the bail amount automatically doubles.

But prosecutor’s argued against any bond, as they believe Li, who holds Chinese citizenship, is a flight risk. Sources say Li belongs to a very rich and powerful family in China, a fact San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe says contributes to her flight risk.

“She faces the rest of her life in prison if convicted,” Wagstaffe noted, adding he was “very disappointed” to hear about Li’s bail.

Li’s current boyfriend, Kavyeh Bayat, as well as Oliver Adella both remain in custody, charged with murder for the shooting death of Green, which occurred in Li’s multi-million dollar Hillsborough mansion, which is owned by her mother.

[ ABC 7 ]

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