Deer chill out with turkey hunters, licks shotgun barrel (VIDEOS)

A group of Indiana sportsmen taking part in the spring turkey season got some unusual guests while waiting for the gobblers to appear.

In an example of the type of luck that only happens in the offseason, Leon Champine and his hunting buddies, Joe Pople and Corey Cook, stumbled into a pair of yearling bucks just before dawn in Hendricks County last weekend. Then, as reported by the local Fox affiliate, the deer wandered into the hunters again as they were calling toms.

Not to be dissuaded, Champine took a few videos of the deer. In the above, the two come in and check the hunters out and even allow themselves to be petted. A longer, 10-minute interaction, is here.

“It was truly a once in a lifetime encounter that I am incredibly fortunate enough to have captured on my phone,” Champine said.

Finally, the below video by Cook shows a buck coming in close and checking out a shotgun muzzle, something that may prove hazardous for his health next fall — when there will probably be turkeys everywhere.

“Hey, can you tell us how big your rack is going to be?” one of the hunters asks.

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