Surveillance video released of deadly gas station shootout (VIDEO)

Authorities in Illinois released a video this week showing a shootout at an Elmwood Park gas station.

Ronald Morales, 43, died after being shot multiple times. The other man, who police say acted in self-defense, took off after the shooting and, thus far, has not been identified.

The shooting unfolded April 8, just before 5 p.m. Morales, who is seen in the video wearing a red jacket, walked out of the gas station and made eye contact with the man at the gas pump, then approached him, gun in hand. But it appears the man at the pump saw Morales coming and apparently felt he was in enough danger to pull a gun of his own.

The two exchanged fire, during which time Morales was struck multiple times and later died. Authorities are searching for the second man.

[ WGN-TV ]

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