Suspect fatally shot while robbing Memphis liquor store (VIDEO)

An attempted robbery at a Memphis liquor store Saturday night left the suspect dead after he was shot by the store clerk.

Police say the suspect, who was later identified as 46-year-old Louis Ray, entered I-40 Liquor around 11 p.m. armed with handgun and demanded cash. But instead of handing over cash, the store clerk pulled a pistol and shot the suspect.

Ray was transported to a local hospital where he was initially listed in critical condition but later died.

Resident Michael Weaver, who is a retired Chicago cop, said, “I hate to be so plain and blunt about it, but he got what he deserved,” noting Ray should have thought about the consequences of his actions beforehand.

In just over a month, there have been at least eight liquor store robberies in the area, all under similar circumstances, but it’s unclear whether authorities believe Ray was responsible for those as well.

[ Fox 13 ]

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