A visit to the last public gun range in Manhattan (VIDEO)

Westside Rifle & Pistol Range opened on Manhattan’s Lower East Side in 1965 and is the only remaining public gun range in the borough.

Serving a population of 1.6 million, Darren Leung told NBC News he has been with the range since 1989 and has been the sole owner since 2011. Other than the NYPD range, his is the last one standing and the only one that caters to the average gun owner.

“We have everyone from housewives to clergy to plumbers to lawyers, doctors, students, it’s hard to pinpoint one type of person — it’s a good mix of individuals,” he says.

Leung says he is a very strong supporter of the Second Amendment and believes gun safety education starts at home.

“This country won its independence by using firearms,” he says. “How can you say that we can’t have that? Where’s your right to speak freely? If you are going to get rid of the Second Amendment — get rid of everything then. You can’t pick and choose.”

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