Man arrested after breaking into sheriff’s office (VIDEO)

Cincinnati News, FOX19-WXIX TV

An Indiana man is facing charges after he broke into an Ohio County Sheriff’s office Saturday.

Jack Steele, Jr. was brought to the department for an OWI investigation, but because deputies did not have results of a blood test, an arrest could not be made. So they let Steele wait for a ride in a common foyer area.

However, while waiting, Steele decided to use a tool to break into an unoccupied office, an act which was captured on the department’s surveillance video.

“It’s just dumbfounding to me,” said Ohio County Sheriff Glen Potts. “I’ve never had anyone want to break into the sheriff’s office. They usually want to break out.”

Steele walked out of the office with several items, including a flashlight, a battery starter and a digital camera used to take mugshots.

Once a warrant was issued for Steele’s arrest, he turned himself in. However, Steele’s father, Jack Steele, Sr., is also facing charges because, authorities say, he likely knew about the crime when he picked up his son from the sheriff’s department after the break-in.

The family hopes the senior Steele’s charges will be dropped, while Potts confirmed that the investigation is ongoing and charges can either be dropped or added at any point.

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