Timney Triggers drops new replacement triggers for AR-15, Model 700 rifles

The Calvin Elite Custom comes in two models -- one for Remington's Model 700 and one for the AR platform. (Photo: Timney Triggers)

The Calvin Elite Custom comes in two models to satisfy both Remington Model 700 shooters and AR-15 users. (Photo: Timney Triggers)

Timney Triggers barrels into 2017 with the all-new Calvin Elite Custom replacement trigger for AR-15 and Remington Model 700 rifles, the company announced Thursday.

The Calvin Elite Custom for the AR platform boasts a brand new internal design that rests in the Timney AR housing. It maintains an ultra-reliable 5-pound hammer spring paired with a 1.5-pound pull. The manufacturer says the reset is “remarkable and notably one of the quickest and most tactile in the AR platform.”

Users get a total of four different shoes including curved, flat, heeled and knurled. All necessary tools for fitting and adjusting shoes are included with the trigger. All shoes are fully-adjustable allowing shooters to fine-tune the trigger to their specifications.

In addition to the AR platform, the Calvin Elite Custom replacement trigger is also available to Model 700 rifle shooters. The Model 700 trigger features the same shoe options as the AR platform, including the four shoe options. Shoes are also adjustable for length of pull, cast and height for a custom fit to each user.

The Calvin Elite Custom Trigger for the AR-15 is priced at $299.95 while shooters of Remington’s Model 700 get a slightly lower price of $259.99.

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