Residents unload at Los Angeles gun buyback

Los Angeles saw a nice turnout for its gun buyback over the weekend, according to news reports.

People from all over the area showed up Saturday to exchange their unwanted firearms for gift cards. The event was completely anonymous, with residents having the option of turning in any type of weapon, no questions asked.

Handguns, shotguns, and rifles were worth a $100 Target gift card, while “assault rifles” could fetch a $200 gift card.

Some participants, like Steve Fish, were concerned about their guns getting into the wrong hands.

“The thought that our rifles end up being used in a crime or hurting someone? That’s not a good thing,” Fish said, also noting that they have two grandchildren who frequently visit.

Likewise, after having been robbed at the liquor store she owns and having her house broken into three times, Dorothy Whitfield decided it was time to ditch her guns as well.

And LAPD Sgt. Jack Richter said every year they get a surprise during the gun buyback.

“Somebody opens up their trunk and our people say, ‘Haven’t seen one of those before,’” Richter said, noting that this year they received a military-grade rocket launcher. No word on what that one was worth in gift cards.

[ CBS ]

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